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Although the waterfall is only 10 meters high, it is 20 meters wide, and the water that falls like a curtain is illuminated by the sunlight through the trees.

This waterfall, which is said to have been created by a huge eruption about 90,000 years ago when the Aso caldera was built, has been transformed into its current form over the years.

The hard bedrock above the waterfall and the soft stratum behind the waterfall are still undergoing repeated erosion and changing their shapes little by little.

In spring, there is an event to light up the waterfall from the back for a limited time.

Kurobuchi, Oguni-machi, Aso-gun
Business hours
9: 00 -17: 00 (Last admission 16: 30) Holidays/Year-end/New Year holidays: December 28 - January 3
Subsidy: 300 yen for high school students and older, 150 yen for elementary and junior high school students, and free for elementary school students and younger
・ Be careful of falling rocks and falls when entering behind the waterfall or on the other side of the river.
・Shuttle buses may run from the temporary parking lot (Old Horai Elementary School Ground) during rush hours.
・On holidays such as Golden Week and Obon, we sometimes restrict entrance because of the congestion in Nabegataki park. We appreciate your understanding in advance.
1 hour by car from Hita IC
1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Kumamoto IC
10 minutes by car or taxi from Oguni Yu-station, a roadside station.
Additional Information
Parking available (Free)