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Sakamoto Zenzo Museum of Art

Sakamoto Zenzo Museum of Art


Sakamoto Zenzo Museum of Art’ houses and exhibits about 500 items including the works of Zenzo Sakamoto. Aiming to be an art museum that closely reflects the natural features and lifestyle of the town, under the concept of “The art of Zenzo Sakamoto, born from the nature of a Oguni, is best suited to life in a Oguni.” a house built in the town in 1872 was relocated and reconstructed next to the Hokonosha.

In the main building, you can experience a mysterious space where the lattice abstract paintings and the structure of an old private house blend together.

In addition, the exhibition building, which imitates the storehouse of ‘standing roof type’ peculiar to Oguni towns, displays more than 20 items, mainly large works, and the contents of the exhibition change every 2 months.

Both the main building and the exhibition hall are covered with tatami mats, which are rare even in Japan, so you can sit down and enjoy them.

2877 Kurobuchi, Oguni-machi, Aso-gun
Business hours
9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (Entrance is until 30 minutes before.) Closed Every Monday (On holidays, the museum is closed the following day.)
General admission: 500 yen (400 yen)
College and high school students: 400 yen (320 yen)
Junior high and elementary school students: 200 yen (150 yen)
Yu-u Station/Car: 5 minutes
Additional Information
parking lot 18.
Card not available