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cafe and Simple accommodation「Enya」

cafe and Simple accommodation「Enya」


It takes about five minutes to walk from the roadside station.
a house that was built about 100 years ago,
The first floor is a cafe.
We renovated the second floor as a simple accommodation *

The bedding consisted of a flooring futon.
The common space is a carpet, a sofa,
Everyone can relax.

It is located in the center of Oguni-machi.
At night, the lights of nearby restaurants are turned on.
You can enjoy delicious food and alcohol.

It is also recommended to take a walk in the peaceful town where you can see everyday life.

Because it is an old house, you can see traces of the old days in every corner.
There may be some inconveniences,
I hope you will enjoy the fun of living in the countryside as much as possible.

There is no bath or shower.
There are many hot springs with good spring quality around Oguni-go.
Please take a bath there.

Since it is an old house, it is not barrier-free, and the stairs to the second floor are a little narrow and steep. Please note that there are restrooms only on the first floor.
Insects sometimes come to play in the draught …
I hope you can understand that as well.

If you would like breakfast, we will prepare it for an additional 500 yen.
Please let us know when you check in *

There is no bath, so you can use the hot spring.
It takes about 15 minutes by car to all the hot springs around here.
If you are not driving, please understand that it will be difficult to move depending on the bus schedule.

It has just been renovated, so please understand that everything is not in order.

Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
1584 Miyahara , Oguni-machi -2
Access from bus stop Kyushu Sanko Bus Hoshiwa Route 01 Oguni-machi Yakuba-mae, 1 minute walk (65 m)
Kyushu Sanko Bus Oguni Kurokawa Route 01 Oguni Ohashiguchi, 2 minutes walk (110 m)
Kusu Kanko Bus Bungo Mori-mae Station - Kokuni Miya-mae, 2 minutes walk (110 m)