What are the characteristics of the spring quality of "Waita Hot Spring Village"?
Most of the water quality of "Waita Hot Spring Village" is alkaline simple hot spring. Alkaline water is expected to remove dead skin cells, so your skin will be smooth after taking a bath.
Most of the water is colorless and transparent, but depending on the inn, you can enjoy the smell of sulfur and milky white water. It used to be a hot spring resort, so it's perfect to rest your tired body. You can enjoy hot and abundant water in any hot spring area.
How many hot spring facilities are there in Waita ?
Currently, there are about 10 facilities that are members of the Waita Hot Spring Association. There are many hotels in the "Hage no Yu" and "Take no yu" areas, including Suzugaya Hot Spring and Asotsuri Hot Spring.
Every inn has many elaborately designed baths such as an open-air bath and a family bath, so you can enjoy it no matter how many times you visit.
Please tell me how to enjoy Waita throughout the year.
At any time of the year, you can only hear the sound of nature, and at night you can see the moonlight and the stars, and I think it's the attraction that you can immerse yourself in nature.
There is also "Jigoku Mushi", a dish made with steam from hot springs, which has been served in this area for a long time. Matuya-san, a long-established restaurant of "Hage no Yu" started serving customers, and now it is a specialty that you can enjoy at most of the facilities, so please try it.
Are there any events or services I can enjoy in Waita ?
We hold the Hot Spring Thanksgiving Festival on October 21 every year to express our gratitude to our customers. It is an event that serves about 500 servings of sekihan and pork miso soup. Although it is currently closed, the Yukemuri Chaya hot spring facility in the "Take no yu" area will be released during the event.
Also, there are plans to hold a firefly festival during the rainy season, so please contact the Waita Hot Spring Association for details.
Tsumikusa Ryori Seiryoso landlady Mrs. Karashima

A famous inn that is the first hot spring inn in the "Take no yu" area. 41 years have passed since its foundation in 2020.
It has been featured many times on TV and in magazines, and many fans come from all over Japan.
All the baths with 5 great views can be reserved.
You can relax your body and soul with the hospitality of the countryside dishes made with seasonal wild vegetables.

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