"Tsuetate" What are the characteristics of hot spring water quality?
The water quality is called "chloride spring" which contains rock salt, and the hot spring source is very hot with 100 degrees. It also contains a lot of moisturizing ingredients called "metasilicic acid" so your skin will be moist after taking a bath. Also, the "Tsuetate" hot spring has been used as a spa for a long time, and there is a legend that people feel energetic enough to leave without a cane, and even now you can enjoy the high-quality hot spring.
How many hot spring hotels are there in Tsuetate?
There are 17 hot spring hotels. Depending on the hot spring inn, you can use it as a stopover. Also, the residents in this area don't have a bath at home, so they mostly use a public bath. There are some public baths which you can use for 200 ~ 300 yen because of such local circumstances.
The source of the hot spring is as high as 100 degrees, so the temperature is adjusted, but I think there are many places where you can enjoy relatively hot water.
Please tell me how to enjoy Tsuetate hot springs throughout the year.
In spring there is a famous koi-nobori (carp streamers) festival, and in early summer you can enjoy fresh green leaves, during the rainy season you can see fireflies and enjoy the rich expression of the river. The autumn leaves in autumn and the hot spring atmosphere of the steam and the surface of the river in the cold air in winter are the best. I think you can enjoy the beauty of nature in any season.
And if you use Tsuetate Hot spring as a base, it's easy to go around Hita, Takachiho, Dazaifu and so on as well as Aso, so it's very convenient for sightseeing.
Are there any events or services I can enjoy in the Tsuetate hot spring?
The biggest event is the carp streamer festival, held annually from April 1 to May 6. The sky above Tsuetate-gawa River is filled with about 3500 colorful koi-nobori (carp streamers), and you will definitely want to see them in action.
Also, the Hot spring Tourist Association regularly holds a breakfast event "Michikusa market" where you can eat steamed dishes using the steam from the hot spring source. It is held irregularly, so please contact Tsuetate Hot spring Tourist Association for the detailed schedule. "
「Komeya Besso」 Villa landlady Mrs. Kawazu

This is a Japanese-style auberge that is managed by a married couple and is limited to 5 rooms.
The dishes made by the 7th owner who trained at a well-established restaurant in Kyoto have received 1 star in the restaurant category of the Michelin Guide Kumamoto 2018.
In addition to the open-air bath, there are 5 private family baths where you can enjoy the high quality water of Tsuetate.

Komeya Besso :