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Yuyado Oguni Auberge Waitakan

Yuyado Oguni Auberge Waitakan

stayWaita Hot Spring Village

The muddy water that is said to be the best in Japan

A hot spring for beauty that is gentle on the skin.
The hot spring that continually flows from the source is a hot spring that is rich in metasilic acid for beautiful skin.

In the 5 private baths, you can enjoy the hot spring all by yourself.

The room is a detached room with an elegant open-air bath, and a beautiful Japanese-style room that soothes the soul.

Our specialty “Chicken Jigoku Mushi”, delicious local vegetables, and a wide variety of meat dishes.

Have a memorable holiday with your loved one ・・・

3006 -2 Nishizato, Oguni-machi, Aso-gun
Check In Out
Check-in 15: 00
Checkout 10: 00
*It may vary depending on the accommodation plan.
Exit Oita Expressway Kusu IC and turn left. Turn left on Route 210. 30 minutes by car toward Aso Oguni on Route 387.