In a place where small countries are proud
A cook who loves small countries
Using ingredients born in small country
We offer the deliciousness of once a year
With the scenery that was inherited
Blessing and nurturing that nature
The greatness of those who respect it
To us who live languor
It will make you aware of "something" in the future
It has charm and value.

Murakore table is
Connect people, ingredients and places
To the heart of the attraction of the unevenness
It started to try to taste

Not only the tongue of the village but also the tongue
You can enjoy it with your whole body
I will prepare the time
Kitazato Shibazaburo Memorial hall
Japan's world-renowned medical scientist, Kitasato Yuzaburo, was born in 1853 in Kitagun, Ogunimachi. With the establishment of a pure culture method for tetanus bacteria and the discovery of serotherapy, he contributed greatly to the development of infectious disease prevention and bacteriology, and gained fame as an international researcher. It is called the father of modern Japanese medicine. This facility has been renovating a building that the doctor has donated to the town, honoring its accomplishments and opening it to the public as a memorial.
Yoneya villa cook
【Master】Jyunya Kawatsu
Located at the foot of Oguni-machi Canada Tachikawa, Canedachi Onsen "Rice in the village" is a long-established inn founded in Tenpo. The concept of the inn that the 7th Century Hall owner and cook advocates is a Japanese-style auberge. While cherishing traditions, we will always challenge the freshness of "cooking" utilizing local and seasonal ingredients.
Aperitif "I dance powder snow"
Small country storehouse Kawazu Shuzo AGEHA Sparkling
Appetizer "Holiday gift"
Dial sausage (A) Jersey fresh cheese
Dunke lever bucket (B) Hot water smoked salad
Steamed product "Blessing of the Earth"
Hot spring steamed hell steamed small country radish and small country three yuan
Small country Yume Suzukaru Tofu noyu (C)
Aso roast beef with beef
Boiled Chikugo Kawako rice cake
Chopsticks "Today is friendly"
Under nest field sweet potato and sweet potato miso tailoring
Kaga Shiitake store raw wood Shiitake (D)
Rice "Snowcake"
Three types of rice balls
Chestnut and red rice Tuna and minced egg
Sweetness "new special product betsubara"
Oguni Jersey Butter Sand (E)
Carefully selected ingredients
(A) Dussel sausage
【Master】Kazuki Sugimoto
Home training for sausages for 10 years in Germany, received the title of the German government-certified Meister. Only a few artisans in Japan have created a top-class meister that is a body-friendly sausage that brings out the best in the taste of meat. We use no additives as much as possible and stick to locally produced food such as pork, jersey milk and shiitake mushrooms.
Oguni Town Nishizato 3316-5
TEL : 0967-46-4186
(B) Dunke lever bucket
【Master】Taichi Sato
Inspired by the owner of "Dussel", he went to Germany after graduating from high school. The commitment of the German government-certified baker Meister, trained for 12 years, begins with the creation of seeds. Sourdoughs not available in Japan are handmade from rye yeast using German flour. Aims to make small country-like bread using local ingredients, not only with tradition.
Oguni Town Nishizato 3316-5
TEL : 080-8565-4254
(C) Oguni of Dream Zuzu Karen tofu
【Master】Osamu Miyazaki
A tofu "small country dream" using Kumamoto-made soybean "Suzukan" is made at a social welfare facility in the town. Currently, as an initiative of "agriculture-forcing cooperation" linking agriculture and welfare, we will also challenge the in-house cultivation of small domestic "Suzukan" and aim to make 100% tofu of small domestic production.
Minamioguni-Toown Akababa 1620-2
TEL : 0967-42-1000
(D) Kaga Shii store raw wood Shii
【Master】Kaga Shuhei
Mycotic bed cultivation now accounts for 8.5% of the whole, and with the help of the small country's natural powers, we stick to raw wood cultivation in deep mountains. The work is extremely harsh, dangerous and inefficient. Still, the only way to go through this process is to create a beautiful Shiitake mushroom. The rich aroma and umami that can only be obtained from natural cultivation, its beauty is a proof of the finest Shiitake mushroom.
Shiitake shop Kaga
Oguni Town Shimoshiro 4310-2
TEL : 0967-48-0732
(E) Oguni jersey butter sand
【Master】Mizuho Takano
We produce "Butter sand" series stuffed with attractive ingredients of small country such as raspberry, edamame, eggplant, Kachi chestnut etc. and grace sweets of the four seasons including "Jersey butter sand" made with fresh jersey milk butter and anko.
Buttersand has been selected as one of the 10 products selected by the final jury member of the Food Action Nippon Award 2018.
Oguni Town Nishizato 3316-5
TEL : 090-9564-4750